Rental Alat Berat Jakarta

Pt. Tritol Harapan Andalan Indah Putri

Is Rental Service Company Heavy Equipment, Machinery For Construction Supplies, Estates And Pertambanagan Which Had Stood For 13 Years, Supported By Staff - Skilled Construction Workers And Heavy Equipment Units Are Equipped With Mechanical And Banker For Ensuring Funding And Equipment Needs Damage Insurance Heavy Equipment, So For Now We Perusaaan Pt. Tritol Harapan Andalan Indah Putri Very Ready To Assist Employers And Contractors In Providing Tools For The Needs Of Both Project Bersekali Construction Of Large, Medium Or Small A Price Kompotitif And Experts Who Have Certification And Experience In Their Field.

The Tools That We Rent / Rental As Follows:

1. Tool - Heavy Equipment:

- Excavators,

- Dozers, Loaders,

- Greder, Mobile Crane,

- Forklift Dll

2. Machine Kontruksi:

- Internal Electric Vibrator + Converter

- Submersible Pump

- Bar Cutter And Bar Bender

- Paving Breaker, Dumptruck